10 Bald Stars Who Would Look Completely Different If They Had Hair

While many men fear even the prospect of losing their hair, several celebrities have gracefully adopted their appearances and “hairstyles.” Baldness is a characteristic of several of them. Can you see Michael Jordan or Vin Diesel with a hairy head, for instance? We, too. We decided to add something fresh to their images in order to test the waters. The ten most bizarre reincarnations are listed below.

1. Vin Diesel

Most likely, nobody even remembers Vin Diesel having hair in the past. However, this heightens the intrigue around the transition.

2. Jason Statham

Do you think the Fast & Furious actor looks great with or without hair?

3. Dave Chappelle

It’s shocking to see Dave Chappelle, “a fantastic comic from America,” in this body.

4. Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis hasn’t reverted to his rock star hairdo from the beginning of his film career in a very long time. Now we can see what he would look like if he didn’t constantly shave his head.

5. Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan, a star in the NBA, has always kept his head clean-shaven. Therefore, seeing him with hair is rather rare.

6. Larry David

Larry David is our amusing experiment’s upcoming victim. Even if a man in his 70s appears to be in excellent health, doesn’t extra hair care make him look even better?

7. Common

The next celebrity on our list is the rapper Common, real name Lonnie Rashid Lynn. His facial expression has dramatically altered, as you can see!

8. Dwayne Johnson

This performer, popularly known as The Rock, is obviously a fan of the camera. He constantly wears this incredible smile, and when he has hair on his head, he appears happier.

9. Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson, a legendary actor, once again demonstrates how stunning he is with every hairdo.

10. John Malkovich

The last participant in our mini-experiment is John Malkovich, a legend in Hollywood.

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