10 photos of actors in their youth, where it is very difficult to recognize them

Most of us are accustomed to the appearance and image of popular actors who regularly appear on TV screens. However, few people remember exactly how they looked at a young age. In early photos, they can be falsely recognized, because, over time, appearance can change a lot.

Would you be able to recognize them in this photo without the corresponding caption?

Helen Mirren in her younger years.

Daniel Craig until the time he became famous as James Bond.

Anthony Hopkins in his youth.

Sarah Jessica Parker in those days when she was a simple schoolgirl.

The popularity of Louis de Funes came only after his 40 years.

Jean Reno in his youth was not as interesting as he is now.

Olga Aroseva at a young age was an incredible beauty.

Dmitry Nazarov before the period when he became a famous chef.

Rina Zelenaya was at a young age when she was not yet considered the grandmother of cinema in the USSR.

Alisa Freundlich acted in films in her youth, but then few people remember her

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