10-year-old cats, who had been abandoned by their owner, have finally got their dream home

Cats who were 10 years old waited 6 months for their ideal home. They were never separated.

Milo and Angus are their names. Due to health difficulties, their owner no longer wanted to take care of the cats, thus Nashville Cat Rescue was contacted.

Since their birth, the twins have been inseparable, and this has been the case for ten years.

Naturally, the cats found it challenging to adapt to their new surroundings during the first two weeks, and each of them handled it differently.

Milo was always upbeat and brave during all of his medical treatments.

As for Angus, he slowly but surely started to come out of his shell as well and started to investigate the unfamiliar surroundings.

One day he made the decision to finally let go of all his resistance and unconditionally embrace and believe in his foster mother.

Sarah, their new mother, took excellent care of them.

She was astounded by how closely the lads were bonded.

In any situation, they were prepared to support and console one another.

Despite having a different box for each of them, they always eat and sleep together. They are just too cute.

Fortunately, everything is going well for them, and they are continuing to have a good time every day.

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