12 persons that are difficult to believe exist

Without a doubt, everyone is unique and unrepeatable. However, in this list, you will find people who are not just unique, but utterly unique.

These people draw the attention of others, either by choice or by the will of fate.

The top 12 persons that defy belief. Their existence is as genuine as ours with you.

1) Man is a magnet.

A 56-year-old resident of the city of Srebrenik, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mukhubiya Bulyubasik discovered an unusual talent about five years ago.

It turns out that his body radiates some kind of special energy, thanks to which not only metal but also other rubbish from various materials, including plastic, sticks to it.

2) Twin strangers.

In mid-April, 26-year-old Irish woman Niamh Geaney discovered via the Internet that an almost exact copy of her named Karen Branigan lives an hour away from her.

Two months later, Gini reported a second such discovery, finding her step-twin Luisa Guizzardi in Italy.

3) The proud owner of the world’s biggest silicone breasts.

Mayra Hills, a 32-year-old German “adult model,” is the happy owner of the world’s biggest silicone breasts.

Each of this German celebrity’s breasts weighs 9 kilos and includes 10 liters of a unique saline solution, from which Myra’s breasts regularly grow in size.

4) A female vampire.

Maria José Cristerna is a tattoo artist and former lawyer who is a mother of four.

Maria has tattoos covering 90% of her body, and she also has subcutaneous implants. Maria earned the nickname “Vampire Women” due to her outlandish looks.

5) The world’s tallest girl.

Elisani da Cruz Silva is the world’s tallest girl. Her stature is 2.03 meters. She currently resides in Salinopolis, Brazil.

Elisani has a unique kind of gigantism caused by a pituitary tumor. Doctors excised the tumor, but the growth, a 17-year-old girl, will give any basketball player an advantage.

6) The woman with the longest hair in the world.

American Terelynn Russell is the owner of the largest amount of long hair. The length of her braid is about 2 meters.

Having married Chip, who still admires the length and beauty of her hair, she began to further grow her wealth. In addition, Terelynn is the mother of three wonderful daughters who are not ready to fall behind her.

7) The gentleman with the longest lashes.

Valery Smagliy, a 58-year-old Kyiv man, possesses the world’s longest eyelashes, measuring up to 3.5 cm in length.

The man reports that the matter is in the special diet to which he switched. Changes in food caused a sharp increase. Valery’s eyelashes are so long that, as the man admits, they prevent him from looking at the light of God.

8) Girl with inverted legs.

Wang Fang was born and lives in China, today she is about 30 years old, and she moves perfectly on her rather unusual legs.

This woman flatly refuses to recognize herself as disabled – she insists that everything is in order with her. And the fact that the feet of this young Chinese woman are turned backward does not at all prevent her from walking or even running.

9) The largest natural breasts.

The title of world record holder for breast size belongs to the American Norma Stitz: the volume is 180 cm, and the weight of each is 25.5 kg. This record was recorded back in 1999, and since then Norma Stitz has repeatedly confirmed it.

Norma Stitz is a stage name. She is known for her work in the modeling business and the film industry (she starred in several films for adults). However, popularity did not prevent Norma from becoming a mother of two children.

10) The owner of the longest nails in the world.

Her record was officially recorded in the Guinness Book of Records. At the time of the record, the total length of the nails on her hands was 7 meters 51.3 centimeters.

So, Redmond has been growing her famous nails since 1979. Thanks to this, Lee became a real celebrity – she repeatedly visited various television shows and programs.

11) The owner of the largest nose.

A resident of Turkey, Mehmet Ozyurek, entered the Guinness Book of Records as the owner of the longest nose of all living people on planet Earth. Mehmet’s nose is 8.8 centimeters long.

The record holder himself is happy that he naturally got such a really outstanding nose. The man gladly takes part in a variety of TV shows, where he demonstrates his record with dignity.

12) The longest tongue in the world.

Chanel Tapper holds the Guinness Book of Records for having the longest tongue in the world for a woman. Chanel’s tongue reaches 9.75 cm in length (these measurements are usually taken from the tip of the tongue to the upper lip).

Chanel’s tongue, when she completely pulls it out of her mouth, goes down below her chin, and the girl gets it to the tip of her nose without any difficulty at all.

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