140 kg singer Lizzo appeared in public in an invisible outfit, stunned fans (video)

Lizzo is a very popular American singer who became famous largely due to her brightness and fullness.



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So, she recently surprised her fans with an unusual costume by posting a rather daring video on her social networks.  In this video, the star appeared in an outfit that consists of a translucent mesh with rhinestones with blue and purple tints.

Under the dress, she had a bottom that looks like a blue bathing suit and special stickers on the bust to cover up all the fun.

It is worth noting that the video caused a flurry of comments also because the singer performs simple movements from twerk on it. The commentators under the post were divided in their opinions – someone writes that this is very bold and cool, and someone considers this behavior of the star to be completely unacceptable.

What do you think of this girl’s outfit? Share your opinion in the comments!

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