16 victims of retouching who appear entirely different in person!

When it appears that this propensity to “idealize” the face and physique on social networks is ready to fade away, it reemerges with increased strength. People are starting to use the numerous new apps and filters that make it possible to alter your appearance, even if you don’t need to be touched up. Look at pictures of victims who had their appearances altered, becoming creatures with enormous eyes, inhumane waists, and tiny heads, only making the situation worse. 

These women “slightly” edited their image. 

Some individuals appear to reside in a fantasy universe. 

It’s time for Madonna to embrace and embrace her age!

Jocelyn Wildenstein had a lot of plastic surgery in the 1990s and is currently attempting to conceal her face with filters. 

Another famous person who defies aging is Jennifer Lopez! 

A unique model with three legs! 

The actress’s photo and her brother’s post of the same image! 

No comment! 

Trisha Paytas keeps tricking everyone, unfortunately! 

Nicki Minaj on social media and while performing live! 

A Japanese influencer with 20,000 followers appears like this! 

New characters for PC games! 

Sometimes retouching is necessary in order to recognize someone! 

On social media, she has significantly smoother skin! 

Two different people! 

This female has the ability to transform herself drastically!

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