17 photos of stars and their twins from the past!

Many admirers of popular culture have been thinking about actors, celebrities, and their doppelgängers for years. But what if we contrast well-known performers and actresses with historical figures who resembled split twins? One would assume that these famous persons are either time travelers or immortal vampires in light of their uncanny similarities.

Matthew McConaughey and the great-great-grandfather of someone! 

This is what Leonardo DiCaprio would look like if he were a lady from the 1960s! 

View this image of King Philip IV of Spain, who governed Spain and briefly Portugal in the middle of the 17th century, and then contrast it with a picture of Mark Zuckerberg!

Leonard Whiting in “Romeo and Juliet” from 1968 and Zac Efron

Compare the images of Jimmy Fallon, a comedian, and Mahir Chayan, a former leader of the People’s Liberation Party of Turkey!

A vintage image of a man who resembles Nicolas Cage greatly! 

Matt Damon and Luciana Barroso, a married couple from 1961! 

Queen Latifah with American 1940s author and director Zora Neil Hurston! 

A picture from the 1978 yearbook and a 2013 image of Andy Samberg and Daniel Radcliffe! 

Alicia Keys from the United States and 1950s singer Lina Horn! 

David Wilkie’s 1805 self-portrait and the image of Rupert Grint as Ron Weasley!

Look at Brad Pitt in the movie Seven with Herman Rorschach, who is well-known for developing the Rorschach test! 

Find five contrasts between the actor James Brolin and Christian Bale in their respective photographs! 

A photo of Jay-Z and a New Yorker from 1939! 

Adrian Brody’s portrait of English philosopher John Locke from the 17th century! 

Zubaida Tarvot, an Egyptian actress from the 1940s, and Jennifer Lawrence!

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