17 women that look better with short hair than long hair! before and after pictures of your haircut!

Every woman occasionally needs a makeover, a fresh look, and some life changes. And changing your hairdo is the simplest method to achieve that. Although cutting your hair short after having it long is a brave move, you’ll notice that it pays off when the results are nice. If you truly need a radical overhaul, you should speak with hairstylist Kristina Katsabina. Christina produces elegant and original art. Let’s look at the pictures. 

A face that isn’t covered in hair is always lovely! 

Lovely curls! 

We’re not sure how it happened, but the girl’s eyes grew even larger after the haircut.

The latest adorable photo! 

Christina made an effort to control her “naughty” curls. 

When all the beauty was simply hidden by lengthy hair! 

Cutting geometry matters a lot! 

So much cuter! 

A short haircut boosted the brightness of the picture much more! 

A woman cuts her hair short when she wants to make a difference in her life! 

Doesn’t the female appear more appealing now? 

Sick of your porous hair? This issue won’t seem as big with a short hairstyle! 

No more gray hair either! 

Cool girl! 

No comment! 

A significant difference in appearance! 

Even young princesses occasionally require modifications!

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