18 Photographs of Designers’ Cunning to Turn an Ordinary Object into a Work of Art

This collection is dedicated to professional designers and their creations.

There are people who make practical things, like a spoon. There are those who make beautiful ones – an openwork silver spoon. And there are professional designers who have an ordinary spoon and a tool, a work of art, part of a cook’s set, and even a weapon. If you really need it. This collection is dedicated to such talents and their creations.

It takes up to ten years to grow such a chair, but it is really made of solid wood.

Nostalgia for Mario and game paraphernalia received an interesting implementation.

Special table by special order – no other books will fit in it.

I wonder how things are with durability and rollover?

Hidden inside a large Rubik’s Cube is a small safe. The pattern on the outer surface serves as a code for it.

The rules of the trade allow such bullying with a barcode.

Beautiful cover and interesting design.

You will not immediately understand that there is a real staircase.

In some designs, it is more profitable to rotate the dial itself than the hands.

The pattern on the fan bag gives a bright light when flashing on the camera.

This is a ceramic mug, but the artist was inspired by the post-apocalypse.

Donating an old suitcase for the needs of a cat is priceless.

In a supermarket in Bangkok, it is recommended to take pink baskets so that the staff will help you. Blacks are taken only by seasoned shopaholics.

That’s a lot of work! Although it is beautiful, what a sin to hide!

Just a drawing of the same pickup truck on its back.

Capillary water supply for flowers in pots.

Finally figured out how to protect ice cream in vending machines.

Instructions will help you fit all your purchases correctly.

Julius Caesar stationery holder evoking the historical moment “And you’re a Brutus!”

The cutest animals in the world

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