18 Unusual Facts About The World We Live In Without Knowing Anything About It

Mankind does not get tired of making historical discoveries, revealing the mysteries of nature, and creating new, amazing things.

Even the ancient Greeks began to conquer and explore one of the most unusual seas in the world – the Black Sea. There, at a depth of about 2 km, the kingdom of death begins, under the water column there is a layer of hydrogen sulfide, destructive to all living things. Therefore, organics and wood do not decompose there, you can easily find a sunken trireme with a fully preserved cargo, even though it is already 2,500 years old! Alas, it is not easy to raise it, so let’s focus on earthly things.

Zoologists in one of the national parks watched as these two briefly formed their own mini pack.

The Bonsai tree bears the fruit of quite normal sizes.

The orangutan, after seeing enough of the local fishermen, tries to catch fish with a spear.

Unique development of a residential area in the town of Lemmer (Netherlands).

Kukur Tihar is celebrated in Nepal and parts of India. This holiday is dedicated to dogs when it is customary to please the four-legged in every possible way and feed them with the most delicious food.

The huge head of the cephalothy ant serves as a barrier to the entrance to the anthill.

This library in Turkey is made up of books that were thrown in the trash – the garbage collectors tried to save them.

The famous fire agate from Arizona.

This blue wren, even among relatives, stands out for its bright colors.

Bright red, recognizable – with the advent of mobile communications, London’s telephone booths lie in a landfill.

Shot of sea foam taken with a high-speed camera.

Issac Kordal created a sculpture with the telling title “Politicians discuss global warming”.

It was always interesting, but what is inside a cedar cone?

During the pandemic, spectators at the fashion show were placed directly in the field to maintain distance between them.

Near the Polish village of Wulka Kosowska, there is a field where the plane is hidden.

Sculptor Olga Ziemska built “Stillness in Motion”.

Everything here is made of concrete, which we managed to make very similar to wood.

Greek bracelets that are already 2200 years old.

Every day we learn something new. Mankind does not get tired of making historical discoveries, revealing the mysteries of nature and creating new, amazing things.

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