19 famous male actors who were sultry hotties a few decades ago

Actors who were a thunderstorm of women’s hearts some 20-30-40 years ago.

When you look at the calendar, many people can’t believe that 2020 is already coming to an end. After all, 20 years of the century have already passed, which just yesterday the whole planet met so grandiosely, looking at the combination of 2000. And at this moment you understand that celebrities also did not remain at the same age, although our memory keeps the roles they played.

In this material, let’s look at the actors who were a thunderstorm of women’s hearts some 20-30-40 years ago. And some of our readers might not have seen them like that, except perhaps in one of the now retro films.

Briton Ian Glen. One of the last known roles in the Game of Thrones. 57 vs 29

Although the age in the passport has increased, it is easy to find out. Peter Gallagher, pictured at 64 and 40 respectively.

It’s hard not to recognize him: Nicolas Cage, 56 years old in the photo on the left and 22 years old on the other.

Gray-haired Kurt Russell at 69 years old in the left picture and 28 years old in the second.

Action star Jean-Claude Van Damme, today at 59 vs 29

During his career, Eric Roberts starred in more than 500 films and TV shows, 64 years old against 28 years ago a few dozen years ago.

Swiss Vincent Perez – 56 years old and 36 years old in the photo, respectively.

Remember him in Illusion of Deception? Woody Harrelson at 59 and 21.

But Sean Penn, what do you think? 60 vs 24.

Of course, not the same outwardly Jim Carrey: at 58 years old and at 37.

The same “Highlander” Christopher Lambert: 61 years old against 29 years old.

Did you know that Russell Crowe was born in New Zealand? In the photos 56 years old and 26 years old.

You may not believe it, but John Travolta is 66 years old. In the second picture, 23 years old.

How many roles do you think Ralph Fiennes has? Pictures in which a man is 56 and 30 years old.

Another star man Kenneth Branagh: 60 vs 30.

English-born actor – Jeremy Irons – 71 / 33 years old.

Brendan Fraser has changed a lot in his face – 49 years and 26.

Did you recognize David Thewlis? 56 vs 34.

Are you ready to prefer one of them to today’s young handsome men?

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