19 male celebrities who were even more attractive a few decades ago

Many people find it hard to realize that 2022 is already coming to a close when they look at the calendar. Even though the century is almost 22 years old, it seems like yesterday when the entire world celebrated the year 2000 in such a big manner. 

You then discover that, despite the roles we remember them playing, celebrities did not all remain the same age. 

In this essay, we’ll look at the actors that, 20–40 years ago, caused a woman’s heart to thunder. Except for a few “vintage” movies, some of our readers would not have watched them in that manner. 

Nicolas Cage

Kurt Russell

Jean-Claude Van Damme

Woody Harrelson

Sean Penn

Jim Carrey

Christopher Lambert

Russell Crowe

John Travolta

Rafe Fiennes

Kenneth Branagh

Jeremy Irons

Vince Vaughn

Brendan Fraser

David Thewlis

Briton Ian Glen 

Peter Gallagher 

Eric Roberts 

Swiss Vincent Perez

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