19-year-old Siamese twins captivated netizens with their photo shoot

Doctors did not provide any reassuring prognostications when Mexican sisters Lupite and Carmen Andrade were born. Girls that have a fused chest and portion of their bodies up to the crotch are known as omphalopagi.

They each have their own heart, lungs, and hands at the same time. However, the digestive system, reproductive system, and liver all get one for two. However, this did not stop the girls from figuring out how to live normally despite the circumstances.

Carmen and Lupita have an Instagram account where they post pictures of their day-to-day activities. They showed up in front of subscribers this time wearing fashionable denim shorts and black T-shirts.

There were a lot of compliments for the girls. Twins who are 19 years old frequently appear on television and pick up driving.

Girls think that doing this will make them less reliant on their parents. Lupita and Carmen also hope to work as veterinarians in the future.

Girls were given the option of having a separate procedure a few years ago, but they declined due to the significant dangers of complications and mortality.


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