2-minute quiz: choose a subject and find out what is hidden in your heart

Emotions are known to rule our lives. And our emotions can change from various factors – the weather, communication with people, and even our own thoughts.

We invite you to take a small test that will show what emotional mood you are in right now. To take the test, you need to look at the photo below and choose one of the items you like, and then see what it means and how it describes your inner world.

1. Swing

The person who chose the swing is currently addicted to something and has an obsession with someone.

2. Bicycle

A person who has chosen a bicycle strives for something new, for changes both at work and in his personal life.

3. Basket with apples

A symbol of wisdom and knowledge, as well as the hope for personal happiness.

4. Nails

A person who has chosen this sign leads an internal struggle and shows violence towards himself and others.

5. Helmet

The person who has chosen this object is very impulsive and is not able to make decisions at the moment.

6. Books

Note that books symbolize the desire for knowledge, but since the books are in the basement in the picture, the one who chooses them will not be able to find the meaning of his existence.

7. Hammer

These people love to achieve everything by force. Perhaps in a personal struggle.

8. Masks

Display positive and negative emotions in relation to others.

9. Painting

Stability and clarity of mind.

10. Wheel

This person constantly walks in circles and does not want to change anything in his life.

11. Sausages

They show the connection of a person with his physical condition, perhaps he has some problems with the intestines.

12. Lattice

A closed and lonely person, perhaps at the moment is in depression.

13. Staircase

You strive for your goal and nothing can stop you.

14. Drawers

These people hide something from others, very reliably.

15. Broom

Shows hidden desires in relation to your partner.

16. Broken chair

A period of instability, stress, and emotional instability.

17. Broken mirror

People who choose a mirror see themselves as they really are, without embellishment.

18. Forceps

You are in a depressed state, get together and make an important decision for yourself.

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