20+ small animals that will save you from any blues (photos)

The smaller the fluffies, the cuter they are! The TinyUnits group on the Reddit forum collects photos of the smallest and cutest animals, looking at which immediately lifts the mood. Look at this cutness and smile.

Kitten in her mini house

Tiny turtle

Friendship can be different

When tired of running at the wheel

Capybara – a symbol of tranquility in the animal world

The seal scared the little white bear cub

Little warthog

“Well, take me home!”

Fluffy goby


“Be aware of dogs!”

“Hello man! I’m down here”


One of the first examples of the use of animals for therapy. Girl with polio watching ducklings during treatment

Lion cub with dad

Hawk chick

“I’ll rest here, do you mind?”

A little tiger cub with whom jokes are already bad

Well, what a miracle!

How wonderful are they?

Sleeping bee

New friend

Baby capybara

Birds huddle together after the rain

Small hooves

Inspection of a baby seal

Miniature marbled fox

What a charming gentleman

Tiny frog

Charismatic crab

When you are surrounded on all sides by cuteness

The mice folded their tails into a heart

Disgruntled turtle

Rabbits of different colors

The cutest animals in the world

Videos from internet

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