51-year-old Naomi Campbell on the cover of a magazine with her newborn baby

World-famous model Naomi Campbell for the first time showed her baby on the cover of Vogue magazine.

In 2021, the model pleasantly surprised her fans, announcing that she was pregnant. Some refused to believe this news, as there were no noticeable signs of pregnancy.

There were also people, who believed that Naomi was lying, or she had actually adopted a child. But later, the model announced that the child was her biological one.

The mother admitted, that she had kept her pregnancy a secret from her fans. So it’s not surprising that the fans refused to believe her. Turned out, that even the model’s relatives and friends, including Zoe Saldaña, Gwendoline Christie and Sophie Turner, didn’t know about the pregnancy.

Now the mother can’t imagine her life without her little baby. The fashion model does not deny the possibility of a future pregnancy.

There are many things that Naomi does together with her little one. She likes to sing for her to sleep. She wans to make sure her daughter receives everything that she as a child couldn’t have.

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