53-year-old millionaire showed the face of the heiress, who was born with a “cleft palate”

This fall, D. Vacchi became a dad for the first time! His beloved Sh. Foneska gave her beloved a beautiful daughter, whose happy parents named Blu Jerusalema!

The dancing millionaire is now in seventh heaven! Even before the birth of his daughter, he acquired a huge villa, which he equipped especially for family life. Vacchi tried to surround his pregnant girlfriend with care and love, and did everything so that his girls did not need anything!



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When Sharon and her daughter returned home from the hospital, the happy dad decorated the mansion with pink balloons and various toys. He also bought a sea of ​​sweets and hung postcards throughout the house with words of gratitude, and various romantic confessions.

Everything seemed to work out great for this family! However, 2 months later, Vacchi admitted that his heiress was born with a “cleft palate”. Excited parents found the best doctors for her, and the baby has already undergone one operation to correct her appearance.

Also, now the star father supports a charitable foundation that helps children with similar problems. However, despite everything, he considers his daughter the most beautiful girl in the world!

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