65-year-old Ornella Muti charmed the Network

For 65-year-old Ornella Muti, the time has stopped. You just admire this slender woman with a magnificent figure. It is hard to believe that in some five years Ornella will turn 70.

It seems that the beauty forgot about the numbers in her passport, enjoying the warm autumn days.

Muti appeared before the fans in short shorts, posting a summer cottage. The 65-year-old actress boasted slender legs that any 20-year-old would envy.

Ornella completed her look with a white shirt and a plunging neckline blouse. The actress tied her head with a stylish scarf, hiding behind sunglasses.

“Like a girl”, “Not a drop of cellulite”, “Wow, Ornella. You are beautiful”, “Oh, what a lady”, “Beautiful woman”, “Stunning”, “Queen”, “Good, however”, “I can’t believe that you are 65”, “What a grandmother!”, “Gorgeous woman”, “I can’t recover after what I saw”, “Now I definitely can’t fall asleep”, “Ideal,” wrote the woman’s loyal fans.

Do you like this actress? How do you like the new picture of 65-year-old Ornella? Share your opinion in the comments.

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