“68 looks like 20”: netizens were delighted with the wife of Jackie Chan

It’s hard to believe that Jackie Chan is already 67 years old. The popular actor rarely spoiled fans with his pictures, and he completely hid photos of his family.

However, in honor of the 68th anniversary of his beloved wife, the actor decided to make an exception. So, the man posted a photo in which he and his wife hugged each other.

Seeing this photo, the fans of the actor were absolutely delighted. Many did not expect Jackie’s wife looks so young, so they literally flooded her with pleasant compliments in the comments.

And some even tried to find out what the secret of a woman is, because, at the age of 68, few people can boast of such an appearance. “Eating rejuvenating apples?”, “One can only envy”, “I can’t even believe it, ” write netizens in the comments.

And how do you rate the appearance of the wife of a popular actor? Leave your answers in the comments!

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