72-year-old Vera Wang once again surprised fans with her unfading beauty

Vera Wang is a famous designer who is known to many people. However, she does not show up very often at various events, and when she does, she surprises a lot of people.

A woman often comes to events in short skirts or even shorts, which is quite bright and piquant for her age. Recall that today she is already seventy-two years old. She looks very young, and her Asian roots really work wonders.

So, at a recent event, she was dressed in black shorts and a top, black unusual boots with heels, and a platform. And the brightest in her image was a pink cape, which gave some femininity and tenderness to this image.

By the way, the figure of a woman began to be discussed on the network not so long ago, although she had been thin all her life. Vera is sure that this is all thanks to genes, sports, and proper nutrition. And someone believes that the woman achieved such a result with the help of plastic surgeons and nutritionists.

Vera Wang also says that it is important to be active for the first twenty years of your life because muscle memory will remain for life. Then the correct muscular corset and a beautiful figure are formed, which impresses everyone in her now.

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