9-Year-Old Steals the Show with Heartfelt Speech at Sister’s Wedding

When 9-year-old Gus in Denver found out his sister Catie was getting married to Troy Husdon, he felt happy but also a bit worried. He was excited about the big celebration but scared that he wouldn’t see his sister as much.

Even though Gus and Catie have a big age gap, they are very close. Gus was afraid that his sister would spend less time with him after getting married. However, when he saw how happy they were together, his worries faded away.

Gus didn’t plan to speak at the wedding, but he felt he had to say something. Unexpectedly, his speech became the most special moment of the day.

With tears in his eyes, Gus spoke to his sister and new brother-in-law, expressing his happiness for their marriage. He said, “I’m so happy you guys got married today. I might look a little sad, but these are tears of joy. Catie, I love you so much, and I’m glad you gave me a brother-in-law.”

His emotional speech made the bride and groom cry, and Catie hugged her little brother tightly. When asked why he said those words, Gus shared that you shouldn’t let fear separate you from your family. He believes you should not let worries drive you away because, deep down, you love each other.

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