“9 years without you. I love you, Dad”: Paul Walker’s daughter showed a touching photo with her father!

Meadow Walker paid tribute to her late father’s memories. The American beauty said that without him, she suffers.

The “Fast and the Furious” actor had been dead for nine years on the previous day. November 30, 2013, saw the death of Paul Walker in an automobile accident. The actor had just turned 40.

Every year, Meadow, his daughter, pays tribute to her father in public. The model and Paul shared an emotional photo in which they have seen bowling. Meadow is still a baby in the picture; her hands can hardly hold the enormous ball. She grins despite this since her father is standing behind her.

“Nine years without you. Love you, my angel,” Meadow wrote in the photo’s description. The actor’s heiress’s tweet sparked a passionate response from the fans. Many people acknowledged they also miss the actor.

Vin Diesel turned to his close pal as well. Under the picture of the actor and Paul, the actor wrote, “Nine years…I love you and miss you very much.”

After Meadow’s father passed away, the Fast & Furious star took his position. Vin accompanied the beauty down the aisle last year when she got married. Diesel vowed to his closest buddy that he would always care for his kid like her own and that he would never abandon her.

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