A 12-year-old boy sold milk and cycled 12 km each day to raise money for his mother’s prosthesis!

A report about a Ukrainian boy named Danila Rak surfaced in the local media at the end of August. The boy made the daily 12-kilometer trip to the regional hub where he sold milk to raise money for his mother’s prosthetic leg. Recently, it was discovered that the mother of our hero had the opportunity to receive medical care in Germany. 

During the shelling of the village of Novoselovka in the Chernihiv region, Danila’s mother was hurt. The injured woman was barely removed from the village that was being attacked by the invaders. She had to amputate her fingers as a result. She was injured and was unable to walk once more. 

The leg of Ludmila Koval still needs to be treated. The woman acknowledged that amputation and a prosthetic limb were likely necessary. There is almost no chance to save the limb because the bones are crushed. 

Danila, a 12-year-old teenager, had to mature because his father defends his country while serving in the military. He made the decision to assist with his mother’s care. Every day, his grandmother places milk bottles in his bag, and he rides his bicycle 12 kilometers to Chernihiv with them. 

He only sells milk there on the sidewalk. Due to the city’s residents’ knowledge of his background and desire to help him, Danila already has a steady stream of customers. When Danila gets there, there is already a line for milk. 

A doctor from Lviv got in touch with the family after their story was covered by the media. Lyudmila was welcome to visit his office for a consultation. At a press conference, Lyudmila declared that she would receive treatment in Germany. Doctors in Lviv attest to this. 

The woman was assured that every effort would be made to preserve her leg. 

These kinds of stories inspire faith in goodness. The son’s efforts will enable the mother to receive the required care, and we anticipate a speedy recovery. She has a wonderful son, we can say.

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