A 13-year-old youngster sold his console and went to work to help his mother purchase a vehicle

William Preston, a 13-year-old youngster from Nevada (USA), wanted to assist his mother make ends meet because he was the eldest child in the family.

Crystal Preston, the boy’s mother, shared a heartfelt message on Facebook.

“I don’t have words right now that could express what I feel at the moment.

The previous two weeks have been a living nightmare filled with tears, rage, bewilderment, and heartbreak. Today I was just shocked,” wrote Krystal.

According to the child, his family has recently experienced serious financial problems.

“I saw on YouTube how people give cars to moms, and they were very pleased. I wanted to do the same.”

Having rummaged through the Internet, the guy found a white 1999 Chevrolet for his mother.

“It was really not expensive. So I asked the owner if she was ready to exchange the car for my Xbox One, and I’ll work off the difference in price. At first, she said no, but then she thought about it and agreed.”

According to the boy, he worked in the yard of the mistress and, when the deal was completed, told his mother that he had bought her a car. At first, she did not believe him, but then she was incredibly glad:

“I am quite proud of my son.” He is a wonderful youngster. William, I adore you, and thank you. “You have such a great heart,” a delighted Krystal commented.

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