A 17-year-old dog became a mother fot a little, lonely kitten

Meet Bailey. Artur and his family rescued this friendly dog in 2007. The dog was kept as a “reproductive animal” her entire life. She gave birth to litter after litter without ever having the opportunity to cuddle and look after her puppies. 

Her puppies were taken away as soon as they were born. Even though Bailey is now 17 years old, she still exhibits maternal instincts. 

She recently relocated to a rural home with her new family a few months ago. They immediately became aware of their dog frequently visiting the backyard. They questioned Bailey’s decision to move near the backyard ravine. 

“And one day we noticed this when we peered out the window!” Arthur told The Dodo.

Bailey was seated close to a wild kitten. With his new companion by his side, the youngster felt secure. Bailey had always desired to be a mother to her kids, but she was unable to follow her maternal calling. 

And right then, she was carefully caring for the kitten. In order to avoid upsetting their dog, the Bailey family decided to bring the kitten home. 

“The kitten is known as Kitten-Kitten. His new “mom” is followed everywhere by him. It has made Bailey unbelievably joyful and glad,” Arthur added.

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