A 19-year-old blind dog abandoned near the end of his life has a permanent home (video)

He couldn’t have ended up in a better situation for the rest of his days.

A dog in the Sonoma shelter who is 19 years old is nearing the end of his life. However, his foster family noticed how vibrant he was and realized she had to adopt him.

Nearing the end of his life, a 19-year-old dog named Ace was given up to the Sonoma shelter. Additionally, the California wildfires started to spread at that time. He eventually arrived nearly 150 miles away at the SPCA with little hope. But when Bonnie, his foster mother, observed how animated he appeared, she decided she had to at least get him out of the shelter.

In order to find the senior dog a forever home, she volunteered to take him into her house. Ace would grow more at ease and begin to come out of his shell over the course of the first several days. He later developed bonds with the other foster dogs living there!

Later, Ace’s adoption applications began to flood in. Bonnie felt a little depressed because she knew how much she would miss him when he was gone. Ace, however, “failed” as a foster pet as a result of this! He couldn’t have ended up in a better scenario for the remainder of his days than Bonnie’s decision to permanently adopt him.

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