A 3-year-old girl was rescued in the wild by an old deaf and half-blind dog

We’ve told you before that a true hero isn’t always someone who wears a cloak and a mask; sometimes it’s the most ordinary people, and sometimes it’s animals.

So today we have prepared for you an article about a very smart and fluffy four-legged friend who did not leave his little mistress in trouble.

Max is a 17-year-old Australian herding dog from Queensland, Australia, who has become a real star on the Internet thanks to his heroic act.

It was quite warm in mid-April and 3-year-old Aurora was dressed in a light T-shirt and pants. The girl walked in the yard but then went outside and went to roam with her dog, Max. She did not notice at all how she was far from home and realized that she was lost.

The weather began to deteriorate, and the sun was replaced by clouds and it began to rain. The local police department launched a rescue operation. They spent 15 hours looking for the baby.

Aurora’s grandmother, Leisa Bennett, was found. 

“When I got to the top of the mountain, our dog ran up to me and led me straight to her,” she explained.

Everyone chased after Max and discovered a terrified little girl on top of a steep hill. Aurora was unharmed, having escaped with only a few scratches.

Aurora smelled strongly of wet dog hair; she appeared to have spent the night in the arms of a dog, which helped to keep her warm during the night.

Despite the fact that Max is deaf and partially blind, he never abandoned the baby and was always present. The officers were astounded by the four-heroic legged’s deed and bestowed upon him the title of “Honorary Police Dog.”

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