A 35-pound dog that has been abandoned and coated in wool for years undergoes the most incredible makeover

A really sick man who kept his dog in a closed bar would never leave his house. Concerned about the animal, his neighbor summoned groomers to take care of him. What they witnessed shocked them. 

He was in terrible shape and appears ill. They were taken aback by his 35-pound wool. He couldn’t move because of how heavy it was. 

Information concerning the incident was given to Big Fluffy Dog Rescue. 

You can’t even begin to understand the circumstances under which this dog lived, they said on social media. And no words can adequately describe the horror. The dog’s owner merely threw food and water at him on occasion. The situation was so terrible that we had to clear feces out from under the door in order to open it. The dog has never seen the sky above him or strolled on grass,” 

He became nervous when they tried to shave him due to the scissors. He was patient as they began to calm him down since he could tell they were trying to help. 

He immediately became accustomed to being among others. They brought him to the shelter after the procedure and gave him the name Lazarus. 

He was in bad health overall, with a broken tail, and multiple tumors. 

He immediately healed, and he began the process of adjusting to daily life. 

He eventually began to walk unhindered. Because of the love, they showed him, he began to trust people. 

When he resolved his psychological and physical issues, the workers began to locate him in a warm family. 

He was taken in by a charming couple. He had grown a lovely fur coat by the time he turned eight. 

He spent a long time being powerful and miserable, but happily, he discovered a forever home where he is cherished and appreciated.

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