A 39-year-old woman has 44 biological children, all from the same man

She is 39 years old, lives in Uganda, and has given birth to 44 children. This is not a terrible experiment and not a hoax. This is the real situation of a woman who can become the most prolific person on planet Earth.

Her name is Marion Nabatanzi. She has a special family, consisting of 23 sons and 21 daughters. Six children died during childbirth.

Marion had a tragic childhood. As soon as she was 13 years old, her parents sold her to a man who was older by as much as 27 years.

Unfortunately, this situation is not uncommon in Uganda. The saddest thing is that grown men treat girls as sexual objects, not as partners.

Soon after the wedding, Marion’s first-born twins were born. The following year, she gave birth to triplets, and then quadruplets.

At 38, she already had 44 children. Throughout her life, she gave birth to six twins, four triplets, six quadruplets, and only two children were born one at a time.

Like most families in Uganda, her economic situation was critical. Marion’s husband was never involved in raising the children. Moreover, he mistreated her, and the responsibility for the children rested entirely on her shoulders. She has to work hard to provide for her family.

Every day, to feed her large family, she needs at least 10 kg of corn, 7 kg of beans, and 4 kg of sugar. A balanced diet is out of the question – the main thing is to somehow feed yourself and survive.

Despite all the difficulties, Marion hopes that her children will be able to get an education and the necessary basic skills. They want to become lawyers, doctors, and teachers.

“I know that children are a gift from God, and it is my duty to take care of them like a treasure. So I do my best for them,” says Marion.

Can you imagine such a life?

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