A 52-year-old woman became the wife of an African and gave birth to twins from him

When N. Vedenina was over 50, she decided to use the Internet to find her friends who had long since left Russia. But in the process of searching, the woman met a 25-year-old African named Paul, with whom they quickly struck up a friendship.

At first, the couple communicated exclusively via video link. They often managed to talk, because Paul is a programmer by profession and he works remotely, and our heroine has long been retired due to disability.

Such communication lasted for three years, and during this time the woman managed to get acquainted with all the relatives of her chosen one.

When their relationship was almost 4 years old, the man bought Natalya a plane ticket. And a week later, the beloved of our heroine invited her to get married.

The couple played 2 weddings. One was held in the homeland of Paul, and the other in Cherepovets, where Natalia lives. The young husband moved to live in Russia. Here he got a job and very quickly got used to the reality of another country.

Paul even converted to Orthodoxy, and now attends church every week. Our heroine gave her young husband twins. A married couple lives in perfect harmony, to the envy of all ill-wishers.

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