A 7-month-old infant was taken out of the room by a pit bull. The dog’s owner had no idea how to thank the dog! (video)

Latana Chai, an American, resides in California with her baby daughter Masala. Last summer, at about 12 a.m., she was awakened by the loud barking of their pet dog, Sasha.

The dog was overjoyed. She growled loudly and scraped something with her claws, according to the woman who entered the room.

When Latana walked outside to check what was bothering the animal, she noticed her pit bull at the entrance leading to the backyard. The dog scratched at the door, attempting to escape.

The woman opened the door, stunned by the sight: their neighbors’ house was engulfed in flames, spewing dense black smoke. The fire slowly spread to nearby properties, including Latana’s. What the pit bull did next is incredible.

Latana ran to her daughter’s room after hearing about the fire, but the pit bull was ahead of her. The dog seized the baby’s diaper and started carrying it out of the room. All three were unharmed. If the dog had not alerted the owner to the fire, this family’s history may have been quite different…

The pit bull first came into the Chai household about the time Masala was born. The toddler and the dog had a remarkable bond, which the girl’s mother had long noted. And Sasha demonstrated how much this baby means to her by saving his life.

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