A 75-year-old man volunteers in the local shelter hugging and taking a nap with all rescued kittens

Thanks to his unending benevolence, the 75-year-old guy, Terry, has undoubtedly attracted the attention of the Internet.

He genuinely enjoys animals, so when he realized that these cats had been saved from horrific circumstances, he felt compelled to lend a helping hand.

Naturally, Terry had no trouble winning the affection of the rescued cats.

Even his one trip to the shelter became a required volunteer trip.

He cares for them, gives them hugs, and even sleeps next to them every day to show them his love. What more do people require to be content?

He’s now known as “cat granddad” by everyone. He has had a profound impact on society worldwide and has inspired many people to assist animals in shelters.

On the SafeHaven Sanctuary website, you may contribute to the act of kindness as well.

This nice man visits his pet kitties every day without fail. Terry has a thorough understanding of how to get along with each of them.

They all adore their granddad, who snoozes with any cat standing in line without discrimination.

He is a true treasure in the sanctuary, and he needs to have an Instagram account since he is so lovely.

He is without a doubt the world’s most loving cat grandfather.

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