A 9-year-old girl conquered the Internet with her magical hair

Nastya, a nine-year-old girl, is often regarded as Israel’s most attractive child.

Nastya is already actively taking part in photo assignments for well-known businesses in her nation despite her youth.

Her mother once uploaded a number of pictures of her daughter, which were quickly seen by online people.

The tiny beauty’s golden hair and blue eyes fully pleased many people.

Nastya Averbukh currently has 100,000 fans and her own Instagram account.

Nastya posts fresh images to Facebook every day, and they quickly receive hundreds of likes.

The parents of Nastya are athletes.

Her mother is a master of sports in sports aerobics, while her father is a two-time European pole vault champion.

Parents never considered using their daughter as a spokesperson and earning money.

They have no financial issues, and the daughter chooses which advertisements she will appear in and which she won’t.

In any event, she will undoubtedly make her own decisions about her future and they won’t pressure her to pick a modeling profession.

The little child is pleased to put on various costumes, create a lovely hairdo, and pose for pictures in the interim.

Nastya attends the most commonplace school, where she has classmates who are only her pals and have no desire to be like her.

Parents work hard to nurture a love of sports in their daughter from a young age, but so far she has chosen ballroom dancing instead.

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