A baby and a French bulldog were born on the same day think they are brothers and do everything together

It might be hard to believe that puppies and babies can form such powerful ties.

They are only able to love one another without conditions.

A baby and a puppy born on the same day — what could be cuter?

Due to their shared upbringing, they appear to be able to communicate without really speaking to one another and have developed an unbreakable relationship.

Every day, their Chicago-based mother, Yvette Ivens, a photographer, watches the extraordinary attachment that Dylan, a little child, has with Farley, a bulldog puppy.

This is likely attributed by many to the fact that they had the same birthday.

So, Dylan and Farley, the cutest couple on the internet, are here on your screens.

The French bulldog was born on the same day as Dylan, and when Dylan’s mother saw him, she knew they were destined to be closest friends.

And they were attached and did everything together right away after their first encounter. They most likely believe they belong to the same species.

Farley, according to Yvette, is very kind and patient; they frequently play together, and the dog also makes an effort not to snore when they both go to sleep.

Farley is Dylan’s constant companion and travel companion. The kind dog constantly offers to assist and even cleans up after himself after eating.

He tries to make the boy laugh by licking his neck when he cries.

Sincerely, this is the most wonderful and exceptional bond we have ever witnessed; it is so exquisite and sincere that it seems unreal.

Here, you can now take in some images from their incredible photo shoot.

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