A bear cub found a camera in the forest and showed what his family does (video)

Camera traps are often installed in parks to monitor the inhabitants of the forest. So, in the Sayano-Shushensky Reserve, employees left a camera that a bear cub discovered.

The clubfoot changed the shooting angle, hitting the camera with his paw, but thanks to this, the whole family got into the frame. What are the bears doing? The small one climbed a tree, and mom scratches her back – these are the entertainments of clubfoot in the forest, a routine, in a word.

The video was recorded in the summer

“Bears in the Sayano-Shushensky Reserve more often than other animals, having discovered a camera trap, try to smell it, touch it with their paw, “try it on the tooth”, pick it up, take it apart. It happens that after meeting with the owner of the taiga, the equipment completely fails. Funny photos and close-up videos with noses, teeth and “curious muzzles” regularly replenish the archive of the reserve,” the staff shared.

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