A black dog was found injured near a blueberry field and was named “Blueberry” after the location where she was discovered…

Shena drives past sprawling blueberry fields on her way to work, frequently seeing garbage bags and coyotes controlling the area along the highway. 

Shena was driving by blueberry fields one day when she noticed “some strange bag of garbage.” 

When her inner voice told her to turn back, she had already passed it. A black dog lay on the side of a busy road. Shen’s heart sank when she saw the motionless creature. Fortunately, the dog opened its eyes and stared fearfully at the visitor. The dog’s leg was injured, and it dangled oddly from side to side.

The dog, who did not trust people, got up and started running away on three legs. Shena wanted to help the dog but didn’t know how to calm it down. She couldn’t abandon the injured dog here. 

Shena dashed to her car and removed the strap from her bag. She slowly walked over and tied the strap around the dog’s neck, using it as a leash. 

“I was overjoyed and overjoyed to be able to help this injured dog,” Shena Dodo said. She brought the dog to RAPS Animal Hospital. Shena realized she couldn’t part with the dog any longer. She named her Blueberry after the location where they first met.

The veterinary hospital where the broken leg was treated Shena quickly realized that she would never be able to part with her new friend, and she named the dog. 



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Shena created a video about saving and relocating her dog, which you can view here: 

Blueberry was completely unrecognizable after she recovered. A nervous dog who cringes at the sight of people has evolved into a hilarious pet. 

Blueberry enjoys going for walks with her owner and discovering new parks and trails. 

“I’m glad I ran into Blueberry. It’s only now that I realize how trusting and loyal dogs can be,” Shena explained.

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