A black labrador ran out onto the highway to summon assistance for two helpless puppies and their sick mother

Stepan was driving to his country house one day. On the road, he noticed a strangely behaving black Labrador. The dog bolted onto the highway and attempted to summon assistance by barking loudly. 

The dog was not aggressive; on the contrary, he looked into Stepan’s eyes with a hopeless expression. The man was aware that Labradors are intelligent animals who will not behave in such a manner unless there is a serious reason. “He needs help,” the man reasoned as he came to a halt in his car. When the dog noticed a man approaching him, he motioned for him to follow him and ran to the side.

Stepan was introduced to four newborn puppies and a large sick dog Labrador. Two of the puppies were motionless and showed no signs of life. Sadly, the mother dog died. 

Only two puppies were saved by the man. He took them to the veterinarian and then brought them home. 

Stepan was impressed by the dog’s responsiveness and loyalty. He had always wished for such a pet. Stepan made the decision to get a Labrador and go hunting with him. What about the puppies? They grew up and were adopted by loving families.

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