A brave firefighter rescued a stuck puppy, and now the pet is happy

A small puppy got stuck in a crevice between large stones, he was very scared. Nobody came to help, and he was worried that he would stay here forever. Fortunately, people noticed him. They were ordinary cyclists who saw a dog trying to get out of the trap. The family wanted to help, so they started to pull the dog out. Unfortunately, no matter how hard they worked, no matter how hard they tried, it was not possible to help the dog.

The dog panicked even more, and people decided it was time to call the rescuers. Firefighters arrived at the scene, including Paul Bryant.

Seeing the frightened dog, the man put his hand out to pull him out, but the animal began to hide inward, not allowing himself to be touched. At some point, the dog even tried to bite our hero, but Paul did not give up. He calmly began to lure the dog out, saying:

“You can! You can do it!”

As soon as the opportunity presented itself, the rescuer grabbed the dog tightly and carefully began to drag him towards him. When the baby appeared outside, Paul happily said:

“Here you go! Here we are and here we are! How are you?”

Surprisingly, despite the difficulties, the rescuer managed to get the dog out without harming her. The couple who called the fire brigade expressed their deep gratitude to Paul, and then rightly decided that the dog needed a visit to the vet. People wanted to find out if the dog was hurt while sitting in the crevice, and if he had owners.

The doctors examined the “boy” and said that the dog was fine, but not chipped. Soon the foundling ended up in the Charleston Animal Society shelter, and he was offered for “adoption”.

When Paul found out that the dog had no owner, he again came to save him. This time from loneliness: the man decided to take the animal to his house. The firefighter said that three years ago his pet died, so he would be happy to “adopt” this dog.

“This is my dog ​​and she will come with me!” Paul said cheerfully, and of course, no one objected.

The family of the rescuer named the new pet Rocky. The man says that he is just happy that this cute dog lives in his house.“Every day I save people, but this time I was lucky to save an animal!” – the hero shares his emotions, and there is no doubt that he is a sympathetic and kind person!

Well, Rocky was lucky: he was not only saved but also presented with love and a cozy home!

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