A brave young man rescued and adopted 17 huskies!

For several years, a simple guy has been taking care of dogs and then looking for good owners for them. A young man takes three husky dogs for a walk. Passers-by look after these beauties with interest, and sometimes they ask to pet the dogs or take pictures with them. Quite often, a guy goes to meet people halfway, because all his dogs are gentle and friendly. The longest such meeting with photos of a stranger with dogs lasted for half an hour. The guy is often asked how he manages to take care of three dogs. Passers-by cannot even think that the young man has seventeen of them in the nursery.

Denis is fond of riding sports. In the winter of last year, he once again went for a ride in a team with his companions. Suddenly, a howl was heard from the depths of the forest. At first, the young people decided that they were wolves since the area around was sparsely populated. It soon became apparent that somewhere in the depths of the forest a dog was calling for help, and the company went in search of it.

The dog was tied to one of the many trees. The rope was too strong for his teeth. Denis and his comrades took the animal and went to the nearby villages to find out who owns the dog. The owner of the dog was a young woman. It turns out that at night the dog whined a lot, so she let him go outside, but the pet came back. After that, the girl did not come up with anything better than to tie the dog to a tree and leave it to die of hunger. Denis says that the dog was in the forest for about a week, and only a miracle helped him survive.

The woman herself does not consider her act something out of the ordinary. She explained that she had to take care of the children, of whom she had three, and the shelter, where she could give the pet, was too far away.

Denis believes that inadequate people are guilty of a large number of stray dogs, many of whom do not even understand the cruelty of their actions.

A key role in the fate of Denis was played by the book “The Call of the Wild”, written by Jack London. The story of a dog named Buck, who was forced to survive in harsh natural conditions, made a strong impression on the child. Buck was a sled dog.

Growing up, the guy seriously took up sports riding and became a husky breeder. The young man and his wards often take part in competitions. He takes only purebred dogs to sports competitions.

Once Denis was approached with a request to find a new home for a husky. The owner did not want to part with her pet named Kuzya, but the dog constantly penetrated the neighbors, climbed into the rabbitry, and exterminated the animals, so it was simply necessary to relocate him somewhere.

At that time, Denis already had four pets, but the young man took pity on Kuzya. Life did not spoil this dog. He suffered from car tires, changed several owners, and acquired many health problems. A chipped fang, a peeling retina, a cracked bone, a couple of bullets from an air rifle under the skin, and traces of a strong blow to the head – all this, unfortunately, is about Kuzya. The woman who asked to shelter the animal once picked it up on the street and treated it for a long time. She still does not forget her pet and often comes to visit him.

Breed popularity is evil.

Denis is sure that the growing popularity of the breed leads to a deterioration in the quality of animals. Due to the high demand for husky puppies, unscrupulous breeders appear like mushrooms after rain. These people are irresponsible in breeding animals and selling puppies without any documents.

By purchasing a pet from such breeders, you run the risk of becoming the owner of an animal that will suffer from genetic diseases all its life. In addition, dogs bought at a low price very often join the ranks of the homeless: a husky, for which they paid only 5 thousand rubles, in which case, it’s not a pity to kick them out of the house, but throw away an animal worth 30 thousand, which has all the necessary documents, hand, most likely will not rise.

Later, Denis went out with six more dogs with serious health problems. Several dozen animals, thanks to the young man, have already found a new home. The guy leaves for himself those huskies who need expensive treatment and psychological rehabilitation. Most of Denis’s wards have a difficult fate. One dog was cut with scissors by children, while another had a mark on its chest, most likely left by a sharp knife. There is also a dog that came to a young man from a shelter – the animal is terribly afraid of water and loud sounds.

Husky diet.

Some animals “came” to Denis from nearby regions. A dog named Dina used to live in Nizhny Novgorod. She had serious digestive problems. Of the food, Dina could only eat redfish, so she had to follow an expensive diet. Gradually, the ward recovered, and Denis decided to test her strength in a team. At first, she lacked physical fitness and skills, but two years of hard training on the weekends did their job, and now Dina runs on par with the best sled dogs.

Denis says that the pet is very energetic. She constantly needs to be in several places at the same time. When running, the dog develops fantastic speed and, in addition, is distinguished by endurance. After a 50-kilometer race that exhausted even the males, Dina could happily cover one more distance.

Someone prefers dogs, and someone prefers bicycles.

Bax ended up with Denis because of the rash decision of his owners. The young man says that once a woman came to him, who certainly wanted to buy a husky. Denis tried to convince her that she did not need to get such a dog and that she could communicate with huskies at the shelter. But the girl was adamant. She went to Saratov to get a dog, and a month later she brought Bucks to a shelter.

Denis tries not to condemn people, but to understand the motives of their actions. The breeder says that, fortunately, one does not have to deal with true cruelty so often. Usually, a person is simply not enough for everyone and then he chooses, for example, between a dog and a child, or even a bicycle.

Bites are inevitable.

A dog named Gerda, accompanied by volunteers, was heading to the Perm city shelter. The animal was terrified and very unbalanced. On the way, one of the people dialed Denis’s number. The young man immediately offered to bring Gerda to him. When the volunteers handed the dog to Denis, she bit into his hand with her teeth, biting it to the bone. The guy recalls that he could not let the animal go, because it would then be almost impossible to find it in a city with a million inhabitants.

Somehow, Denis managed to free his hand from the husky’s teeth and place the dog in the trunk, which is designed specifically for transporting animals and is equipped accordingly. The dogs that are there are supplied with fresh air, and there is also a comfortable bed for them. From the moment she arrived at the shelter, Gerda spent exactly 14 days sitting in her booth without getting out.

Denis recalls that his father came daily to the enclosure of the new ward and spent hours talking with the dog about himself and his fate. After two weeks of heart-to-heart conversations, Gerda left the enclosure for the first time, went up to her father, and laid her muzzle on his knees.

Now, this husky at the sight of Denis rejoices more than anyone else. She runs and tries to jump into his arms.

Currently, 17 huskies live in the kennel. The young man claims that they get along well with each other and do not sort things out with the help of forceful methods.

The number of animals doesn’t matter.

Of course, keeping 17 large dogs is expensive. Denis spends about 300,000 rubles a year on animal nutrition alone. And unforeseen expenses regularly occur – food containers become unusable or wards suddenly bite the steering wheel of a car.

In addition, every pet has to change the collar and leash every year, get vaccinated, and carry out other necessary medical procedures. A lot of money is spent on building materials – dogs are very mobile and often, having played too much, they break and gnaw their booths.

For Denis, communication with the wards is not a job – he does not receive any profit from animals. The young man says that this is not even a hobby, but simply the love of his life. Father helps Denis to take care of the animals. Men don’t care how many dogs they have. They just know that pets need food, and it doesn’t matter if one bag or as many as 17.

For a walk in a dog sled.

When the number of huskies increased, the cost of huskies also increased greatly. Then Denis came up with the idea to establish a sport riding club so that the dogs could earn their own food.

They ride people to save money for a year’s supply of food and nothing more. You can ride with a breeze in a husky team both in winter on a sleigh and in summer. Walks in the warm season are called dog trekking or husky fitness.

At the same time, 6-12 huskies pull the team. The number of animals varies depending on the size of the guests and the planned load.

If the weather is warm, which in relation to these dogs means above minus 5 ° C, more animals are harnessed to the team. And if it’s minus 25 ° C outside, then six dogs will be enough.

Denis monitors the activity of his charges using a special application on his smartphone. The plans are to purchase a fitness bracelet for each husky, but this requires additional funds.

Denis and his pets regularly participate in sport riding competitions. For this purpose, the young man chooses 8 dogs. To deliver them to the place of competition, you have to use a trailer in which “houses” for all pets are placed.

Denis is already accustomed to the increased attention of the police. They stop the car to inspect the trailer and are very surprised when they meet the eyes of eight pairs of blue eyes. Law enforcement officers show genuine interest and even take pictures with animals. On the way to Kazakhstan, the police took selfies with the husky at almost every checkpoint, and in the Caucasus, the inspector, looking into the trailer, was so surprised that he forgot the reason why he stopped the car.

Husky doctors.

Denis’s pets are frequent visitors to charity events. Huskies provide support to people who find themselves in difficult situations. Together with the owner, the animals go to the monastery orphanages and visit the disabled. Kids who dream of a husky but can’t afford to have one can get to know them. Of course, Denis does not take any payment for this.

Sometimes a young man and his pets visit people who, for health reasons, cannot get to the kennel to take a ride with the dogs. Not so long ago, they rolled a guy suffering from cerebral palsy, as well as a man with sore legs. Both of these people spent the whole day with the animals. Huskies are very popular with people for their emotionality.

All living beings are equal.

Denis says that it is very important to pay attention to the moral side of raising children. From an early age, they need to be taught that a bird, a dog, and a kitten are all equal to a person. Animals feel pain, so they should not be pulled by different parts of the body. Our little brothers are capable of experiencing strong feelings.

Huskies, whose names are Makosh and Bagheera, are with Denis all the time. If he leaves them for more than a day, the dogs are very worried. Once a young man had to go to Moscow. He could not take the animals with him at that time. During the few days that Denis was away, these two huskies were so homesick that they even refused to eat.

On the role of legislation, the husky breeder says that the situation will begin to improve when the law on cruelty to animals is truly workable, and punishment is inevitable. In his opinion, a responsible attitude to pets is not to throw away the dog if it is not possible to take care of it but to find a new home for it or pay for living in a shelter. But still, according to Denis, the main thing is the consciousness of people. Without a change in mindset, one law will not be enough.

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