A copy of Harry: Archie’s first formal debut went viral on social media

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle do not release photos of their five-month-old son. Except for ceremonial baptism photographs, there are no images of Archie on the internet. Parents do not make their children’s life public.

The prince and his wife, on the other hand, embarked on an African tour on September 23. The Dukes of Sussex accompanied their son to a meeting with South Africa’s Chief Bishop, Desmond Tutu. The child acted quietly and cheerfully with everyone. A vast assembly of strangers did not fear or distress him; rather, he observed what was going on around him with interest.

When the photos were revealed, many people noticed Harry’s likeness to his son. Collages of the prince’s childhood images quickly surfaced on social media, which, it should be noted, was also friendly.

Do you think Archie resembles his father?

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