A courageous goose pursues the reptile to protect her babies (video)

In this Florida footage of geese chasing an alligator over a golf course. People who were filming the incident from a distance were astonished. Fortunately, a witness recorded the event on camera! 

Golfers were startled when an alligator walked onto the course while they were safe in their vehicles. When the geese saw the alligator, they were agitated and started chasing it. Behind her, a mother goose and her young were slowly making their way toward the gator’s tail. The gator moved slowly and steadily to the other side of the field, showing no sign of being bothered by the presence of the geese.

Golfers Ryan Witkowski and Joseph Maloney were there to record the amusing occurrence, which happened during the second Christie’s Critters Invitational on The Champion Course at PGA National. The chase, which appears to be unfolding in slow motion, can be seen here. 

On YouTube alone, the movie has accumulated about 500,000 views.


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