A cow-sized rat was discovered while cleaning the sewers in Mexico City (video)

The residents, unlike the employees, do not disguise the fact that they were terrified…

Workers on a sewage team in Mexico City deny they required psychiatric assistance after discovering the enormous rat. We weren’t terrified of anything, but we quickly understood she wasn’t living. And because the pants are wet, the labor is in the mud and filth!

Local citizens, unlike employees, do not disguise the fact that they were terrified.

The rat was discovered while clearing a 22-ton debris clog in the main sewer. This whopper would not fit in smaller pipes. Before everyone could breathe a sigh of relief, the rat had to be completely hosed off – it’s a doll! A massive, larger-than-life figure of a frightening rat. Skeleton, skin, claws, teeth, and protruding eyes – this monster was designed to frighten. But who made it, and why throw it away?

When the word circulated around the city, a woman named Evelyn Lopez emerged and instantly claimed ownership of the rat. She allegedly invested a lot of money and time many years ago to build a good Halloween scarecrow, but strong storms wrecked the warehouse with props and the rat apparently vanished. Large torrents of water most likely washed the bulky item into the sewer. Lopez was enraged because no one helped her seek a precious item back then, therefore there is some justice in the fact that a rat got caught in a pipe and caused a traffic gridlock that impacted half of the city. But she didn’t want to take the small object that had been washed by sewage for years. It is now the authorities’ concern.

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