A cute bull terrier puppy conquers social networks with his mustache

Meet a new influencer named Frida. She is a six-month-old bulldog puppy and a rising social media star. This is because nature has endowed this puppy with an unusual appearance – he has a “mustache” that many would envy.

Frida’s owner, Helena Olef Snorradottir from Reykjavik, has long dreamed of having this pet. Luck smiled at her – when she found out that there was a breed of bulldogs in Iceland, she immediately offered her a puppy. And no, but the beautiful Frida!

Helena believes that this is a sign of fate. Frida agrees with her – she is still small and has grown up, but she realized how unusual she is and how much attention she attracts. Puppies love to smile – this is the best “whiskered” image, it will always bring a lot of pleasure and positive emotions to others.

Frida appeared in Elena’s life in difficult times and became a symbol of her hope for a better life. The symbol of mustache and fun.

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