A cute dog with sad eyes lost his family and hopes to be needed again

In 2011, he was still very young when the earthquake hit New Zealand. Then the animal lost its family.

A cute dog with expressive eyes and short legs is a charm itself. It is not clear what is wrong with a cute pet, because he can not find a loving owner!

Volunteers are still working to help the pet still find a home.

The dog’s name is Duke. In 2011, he was still very young when an earthquake hit Christchurch, New Zealand. Then the animal lost his family, but he was lucky – he was sent to a seismically calm city. So the pet became homeless. He ended up in Auckland, on the opposite side of the country. And although Duke was finally safe, he could not find a permanent home. One day he ended up in an orphanage and it began to seem to everyone around that he would spend the rest of his life alone.

The dog had information on several owners on the chip, but no one ever reported him missing and no one answered the phone numbers attached to the device.

The past of the pet was very vague …

But suddenly Duke’s fate changed! One day, Vander Plas stumbled upon a photo of a dog on the Internet. The man was very touched by the sad story of the pet, so he decided that he just had to return him to his hometown – to Christchurch. And there, perhaps, he will be lucky and there will be someone who agrees to give him a house.

Vander spoke with friends from the Oakland rescue service, and they helped transport the animal to where his life began.

Duke is a happy and good-natured dog who, having returned home, has grown in popularity. There are many who want to give the pet the home it deserves.

Vander says Duke is so adorable that photographs rob him of some of his charms. The dog looks much better in real life. He loves to play ball and “talk” – in his own way, like a dog.

Baby Duke is currently recovering from being spayed and Wonder Plas is looking for a permanent home for him with a loving family where he can live happily ever after!

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