A daughter of this Georgian couple had an utterly distinctive appearance. Here’s a picture!

Recently, we discussed Georgia’s most attractive couple. However, it was found out that there are other couples who are just as amazing. For instance, everyone in the nation undoubtedly knows about Gigi Beraya and Anna Akhvlediani. He is not less attractive than his wife, a supermodel who is well-recognized outside of Georgia. What possible offspring may these strange pair have? 

Their daughter Eva entered their life last year, making them joyful parents. 

Her eyes are an azure-blue color. 

Many people claim that Gigi and Anna share a lot of similarities. Eve thus shares traits with both of her parents. 

Dolce & Gabbana, an Italian fashion house, started to like Anna. 

For a position in Milan, she was chosen from among 500 applications. She then started her modeling career.

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