A desperate mother who had lost all her kittens found her happiness again in a newborn orphan kitten

After losing her infants to disease, Amber’s fragile heart broke into a million pieces.

The heartbroken cat that had been saved through her excruciating chest agony would never go away.

But all changed when she stumbled upon an abandoned kitten that was in need of a mother one day.

Amber felt she had to help him even if she was hurting and miserable.

The kitten’s name is Flame. Flame lost his mother when he was a small child, but thankfully, helpful individuals showed there to save him.

He was saved by the Humane Society of Atlanta, and they moved quickly to place him in a foster household.

Despite the attention he received there, the little kitten still needed his mother’s care.

Only his mother could give him the love and care he needed. Amber suffered greatly and lost her baby at the same time.

She was in total despair, and it seemed that nothing could save her from that pit of darkness.

But the kitty later showed up and drastically altered her life.

They made the decision to introduce Flame and Ember in order to test whether the two frightened cats might help one another out of their predicament.

And what occurred after that is absolutely beyond description. When they first met, it appeared as though they had rediscovered the light of their lives.

Finally, a glimmer of love appeared in their lives… It was entirely intentional since it was precisely what they both needed at that particular time.

Amber appeared to be overcome once more by maternal love when she first met the abandoned kitten.

“She was always holding him while also washing and feeding him. It was simply incredible.”

Additionally, the small kitten was overjoyed to have such a loving and attentive mother. Amber was only providing for his immediate needs.

These two appear to have started a new, modest but incredibly loving family together.

They were just saved by one another since they had both undergone such severe losses.

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