A dog abandoned by its owner at the airport has a chance to be adopted

Allie’s owner tied her up outside the airport and got on a plane without her.

For many tourists, especially those who were flying, the recent holiday season was busy. The one-year-old dog whose owner abandoned her at the Des Moines airport last week, however, had the worst flying experience of all.

This unfortunate puppy is currently in excellent care and will soon be seeking a new home, despite the terrible circumstances.

According to the Animal Rescue League of Iowa, a 1-year-old puppy who has now been given the name Allie was discovered chained up outside the Des Moines International Airport on December 29.

According to reports, the dog’s owner attempted to bring the pet on a trip without a kennel. After leaving the airport with the dog, the owner came back by themselves to catch their flight. Later, Allie was discovered outside the airport.

Bigsen Charles, 24, the dog’s owner, told Daily Mail that he left the dog behind to catch a trip to New Jersey: He told Daily Mail, “I have checked in and didn’t want to miss my flight. “I figured they would offer the dog a kennel if I paid for the flight for her. I was unaware that I had to bring my own.

The dog was supposed to be picked up, Charles said, but he was unable to organize it. “I knew someone would end up taking her,” he added.

After a warrant was filed, the owner turned up Allie to the Animal Rescue League of Iowa, according to Today. Even with everything, the dog is cheerful.

The CEO of ARL, Tom Colvin, told Today that the cat was “very friendly and loved everyone from the airport staff that came out, brought her a blanket, stayed with her, loved her, and gave her all the attention until our animal services officers came out and picked her up.” She is pretty nice.

Colvin also mentioned that Allie escaped the bitter cold a few days before since she was not waiting outside for very long.

Allie will soon be placed up for adoption and start seeking a forever family, he added, so things will soon start looking good for her.

“Allie will become available for adoption once she has her spay surgery, microchip, and any other necessary veterinary services,” the ARL said in a statement to Today.

The situation is currently being looked into. Animal abandonment is a misdemeanor in Iowa, punishable by up to two years in jail and a minimum $105 fine.

But what matters most is that Allie is in capable, secure care and will, hopefully, quickly find a better home.

Although it breaks our hearts to think that someone would abandon their dog in such a way, we are happy to report that Allie is doing well and cannot wait for her to be adopted!

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