A dog born without back legs has learned to balance on its front legs thanks to its kind owner

A lovely dog who was abandoned and allowed to perish has mastered the art of moving around on all fours.

Putol was born with just her front legs, but she never let that stop her from living a full life. The six-year-old dog, as shown in this endearing video, has been taught by her new owner, Danilo Codilego Jr., to sprint extremely quickly on her two front paws.

Putol, whose name in the Tagalog language of the Luzon region of the Philippines literally translates as “chopped,” is frequently seen running and exploring the gutters and side streets of Quezon City’s Casiguran neighborhood with other canines.

Permit us to take a moment to consider the reality that this poor girl was termed “chopped.” A name that manages to be both adorable and repulsive.

Despite her questionable reputation, the dog is a big draw in the neighborhood thanks to her bravery and zest for life.

Local trucker Danilo said, “We originally met six years ago. I was a baker’s helper at the time. One day, a coworker brought four pups to the office. Each of them was being offered for sale for 5000 pesos (£115/$151).

Putol, the pathetic two-legged puppy, was not desired; the other puppies were sold.

That comment will aggravate you more than anything.

Danilo stated that they didn’t believe she would live for very long. I was the only one who had the stamina to care for her. We bet because we had feelings for her.

Only Putol was on our list of possibilities.

Is nothing coming to mind? Molly, Coco, and Willow? I currently have three ideas, buddy.

Putol was unable to walk for the first two years of her life, but she ultimately learned how to do so by gradually learning to support herself on her front legs. She now fiercely protects her owner and maintains watch over the surrounding area.

“Putol acts like a guard dog, barking when a stranger approaches,” Danilo added. When I concentrate on another dog, she too becomes envious. Except that, she is a respectable and well-liked community member.

“Everyone looks after her, so she has no problems when I travel for work. She is flexible. She enjoys the meals we consume. She is unable to have puppies, though, due to her illness.

She may be having too much fun to even consider pups, in our opinion.

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