A dog that looks like a crumpled blanket – a cute Sharpie Harvey!

The dog is very popular.

Internet users have just bought a new animal. They have developed feelings for a little dog named Harvey.

He has so many folds that he might be considered the perfect Shar Pei breed representation. Teresa, his owner, is absolutely devoted to her pet.

Harvey just celebrated his six-month birthday. His many folds make him stand out from the crowd.

They have a really adorable and attractive appearance, but they can create a lot of issues.

For instance, when they drink water, it frequently seeps into the folds rather than flowing out. His skin must be cleaned many times daily by Teresa and moisturized with certain lotions at least once every two days.

The girl loves her pet so much that she does not feel burdened by the many hygienic procedures that cause so much hassle.

Living on the Spanish island of Menorca are Teresa and Harvey. The dog is well-known and has a social media presence.

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