A dog who fell off a shrimp boat was found alive days later after swimming six miles to shore

She acts like nothing happened

Monster’s owner believed she was gone for good after she fell from a shrimp trawler. However, the determined dog eventually returned home by swimming to the shore a few days later. Keith “Kiwi” Soffes, a shrimp boat captain from San Leon, Texas, enjoys taking his dog Monster on regular excursions on the water.

However, a recent excursion came to a sad conclusion when Monster fell overboard. Even though it was a calm day and the dog had been with Keith since she was a puppy, she vanished without a trace.

She was used to being on the sea. Keith looked in all the wrong places to find her, but he soon started to worry. Keith remarked, “I lost the one thing in this world that I actually loved.” “I’m heartbroken to the core.”

Keith shared the tale on social media in the hopes that Monster might show up somewhere. Numerous internet users expressed their love and prayers for him. The good news was that Monster had survived a dangerous sea cruise and was still alive and well five days after going missing.

The monster managed to live by swimming five to six kilometers across Galveston Bay to the coast, according to FOX 26 Houston. The creature was located a few days after arriving at the coastline. Keith was shocked when he heard her story.

He said this to FOX 26: “I said, ‘Man, she couldn’t have done that swim. That dog had no chance of swimming that far. Keith and Monster were thrilled to be together again after three trying days apart. Keith sobbed so loudly that he was speechless. She never stopped kissing me.

Finally feeling safe in his own home, Monster. Monster remained unfazed by her protracted journey, while Keith is still exhausted from the emotional search.

She behaves as if nothing happened, Keith said in the caption of a photo of the dog dozing off on Facebook. She is relaxed as she sleeps like a jaybird. I believe she jumped off on purpose. Just to get on television, he chuckled. I still love her, though, and I’m glad to have my little friend back.

In order to prevent a repeat of the incident, Keith told FOX 26 that he would take the dog on future boat trips equipped with a tracking device and a life jacket.

What an incredible accomplishment. We’re thrilled that Monster arrived safely and was reunited with her worried owner. These two are clearly in love and thrilled to be together.

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